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CAMBRIDGE MASKS - high filtration N99 Facemasks

What Does The Mask Filter? - Almost 100% of Particulate Matter including PM10, PM2.5 & PM0.3

This the greatest benefit of using a Cambridge Mask in a podiatry practice.
Fine particles created when drilling or filing can contain many types of dermatophytes, fungi and other infectious respiratory irritants. Nail dust particles are generally considered to be between 0.8 and 1.6 microns so a Cambridge Pro Mask protects against all of these. They also filter almost 100% of VOC’s so work to protect you from fumes from phenol, adhesives and other gases you’re exposed to. They also filter almost 100% of harmful pathogens such as bacteria & viruses - very timely!

Cambridge Masks have been tested and certified to meet all required filtration standards. They are TGA approved as an airway protection face mask. The different sizes and adjustments allow for a proper fit which is imperative for optimal protection. A Medium mask will fit most females and small males. A Large will fit most males or larger females. We carry some Small and a few XL’s. They are comfortable, reusable, latex free and cost effective. For most pods your cost is around $1 per day - think how many standard surgical masks you would use and throw away each working day. The three stage filters are also impregnated with silver to further enhance the anti-viral properties - very apt at the present time. You can also on-sell Cambridge Masks to your patients - RRP is $55.


Save Money,  Save Waste,  Stay Protected


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