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Giving Pods a full suite of options for foot care treatment.

Benefits - 
Choose the correct foam insert durometer to customise the product accoring to your patient's issue.

Increase or decrease the amount of force, depending on the foam insert, for each individual condition.

Gradually train the foot to accept more separation by using different durometer inserts or no insert.

Loop design allows all day wear. Foam inserts can be easily trimmed if required.

Made from M2 Gel - unique to GelSmart - for exceptional stretch and comfort.

Usage description

1030  1037
Customisable Advanced Toe Spreader - 2 sizes                      Customisable Toe Relief - 3 sizes

1040         3037
Customisable Double Loop Toe Corrector - 2 sizes             Customisable Gel Toe Prop w adjustable strap - 2 sizes

Customisable Bunion Toe Spreader - 1 size