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Q: Why can't I pay with Credit Card online?

A: When Covid-19 hit and many products were not available for extended times, we de-activated this facility so your money wasn't taken when we couldn't supply products without ETA in sight. Once stock/supply levels are back to "normal" we will reactivate this facility.


Q: Can I have a 30 day account?

A: Once you have paid your first invoice we can send you an account application form to complete and return for a Net 30 Account.


Q: I have ordered the wrong product, can I return it?

A: Yes, if it is in unused and in original packaging and considered to be in re-saleable state, please return it with a copy of the original invoice and a note explaining the reason for return.  The address is on the original invoice. NOTE: items ordered in for you or products specifically requested by you are not able to be returned.


Q: Can I get my order overnight?

A: Depending on the size and weight this may be possible, however there is no guarantee as couriers have their own timetable, routine and time/space reality. A small additional charge may apply.


Q: Why has my Phenol/Glue not arrived with the rest of my order?

A: Some products are classed as Dangerous Goods once a certain volume is reached. If so, they are sent separately as "Dangerous Goods" and usually take and extra 2-3 days for delivery.