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Plantar Pad

Plantar Pad

The PLANTAR PAD is an easy to use Fascia Tissue Strength Training Device
The design places the plantar fascia under some tension while the foot & calf muscles work. It uses the Windlass Mechanism - the toes are extended and the heel is raised causing a tensile pull on the fascia. With correct use as part of a Rehab Plan the exercise strengthens fascia tissue and reduces pain. Don’t tell your patients to just use a towel. Sell them a PLANTAR PAD so that they can consistently complete strengthening exercises with a specifically designed, effective, evidence based device. 

Place the raised part of the Plantar Pad under your toes and place the ball of your foot on the flat surface.  With support from a wall push up to lift your heel, keeping the ball of the foot and toes pressed against the pad.  Take 3 seconds to lift your heel, a 3 second hold, and 3 seconds to come back down.

If it’s initially too painful or difficult to perform on one leg, complete the exercise with the other foot supporting on the ground.

Aim to complete 4 sets of 10 repetitions. This may not be achievable initially- do what you can, and build up as you feel comfortable. Complete the exercise every other day for 6-12 weeks, depending on your symptoms.

The Plantar Pad has been developed to allow patients to consistently complete the strengthening exercise without the hassle of having to roll up a towel. The high-density foam has been shaped to form the most effective design to help target and strengthen your plantar fascia.