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ClearToe Serum

ClearToe Serum

The ClearToe Serum forms the 1st part of the 30 minute ToeFX onychomycosis treatment.

ClearToe Serum is an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, non-toxic formula and is supplied as an easy to use felt tipped pen. It is applied to all 10 nails and penetrates the nail to act on the nailbed where fungus resides. The blue colour of the serum works as a marker to show where fungal cells are present and is also an excellent guide as the treatment progresses. When the affected nails are placed under the ClearToe Therapy Light, molecules in the ClearToe Serum absorb the light at a specific wavelength and transition from a ground electronic state to an excited state. This stimulates the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) with cytotoxic effects on fungus but no effect on healthy cells.
The process is repeated at regular intervals over the period of nail growth, and along with adhering to footcare and lifestyle advice to help alleviate conditions which allow fungus to thrive, effective results will be seen as the nail grows.

Sold in Packs of 10, each pen is sufficient for treating 10 toes and each pack covers the length of a complete treatment plan of 10 sessions for each patient. Begin by assesing the severity of the fungus and explain the process and the treatment plan to the patient. Debride affected nails as nessesary to break down fungal build up on the nail. Use 1 ClearToe Serum pen to thoroughly coat all 10 nails. Wait 10-15 minutes then place the patients feet under the ClearToe Therapy Lights for a further 15 minutes. The combination of the Serum and the Lights work together to destroy the fungal cells. 

As each Pack of 10 ClearToe Serum pens is for one complete treatment for one patient, your consumables cost is less than $25.00 per session. Once a treatment plan has been completed for each patient, it is good practice to set up further sessions to guard against relapse. The suggested time frame is every 6-10 weeks after the initial regimen or whenever the patient re-attends your clinic. ToeFX sponsored a 1 year study of a maintenance treatment protocol and found 86% of patients experienced no relapse when following the podiatrists footcare hygiene recommendations.