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ClearToe Lights

ClearToe Lights

The pair of ClearToe Therapy Lights form the 2nd part of the
30 minute ToeFX onychomycosis treatment. 

The key to ToeFX for your patients is that all 10 toes are treated in each session.
This is paramount for hygiene and effectiveness. It also avoids cross contamination - something that can easily happen with treatments that only treat one or a few toes. Use the ClearToe Therapy Lights immediately after any required debridement and the application of the ClearToe Serum.

Each foot is placed under the curved ClearToe Light where the molecules in the ClearToe Serum absorb the light at a specific wavelength and transition from a ground electronic state to an excited state. This stimulates the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) with cytotoxic effects on fungus but no effect on healthy cells.

The curved casing of each Light fits comfortably over all five toes.
Apart from switching the Lights on, no further treatment or supervision is required.
The LED's emit a red glow to show they are in operation and automatically switch off after 15 minutes.
The Lights are lightweight and portable so can be setup in any suitable space in your clinic. 
There is no heat or discomfort and patients simply sit comfortably during the treatment.
Get them to bring reading material or headphones so they can relax while the ClearToe Therapy Lights do their work.

Introducing the ToeFX Onychomycosis Treatment in your clinic involves purchasing a pair of ClearToe Therapy Lights.
This is your only capital outlay and there are no other parts or materials required.
After you have 5-6 patients using ToeFX you will have covered the cost of the Lights.
Your consumable costs for subsequent treatments is purchasing further packs of ClearToe Therapy Serum for each new patient. This works out to be less than $25.00 per session.

The ClearToe Therapy Light is a Class II, TGA approved, medical device.
The ClearToe Therapy Lights use non-thermal LED's with a specific wavelength.
There are no lasers or other dangerous goods in this product. 

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