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SOLUSHIN - a new approach to treating MTTS (Shin Splints)

The Solushin is a patented medical device (ARTG #325902) that is clinically validated to treat medial tibial stress syndrome (commonly referred to as "shin splints") and improve your ankle range of motion.

The Solushin takes a research-based approach to treating shin splints:

1. Lengthen the soleus muscle   2. Compress the area of soreness and inflammation 

Solushin applies compression at the musclotendinous junctions in order to apply counter-traction and fascial release.

Most common use is for runners & athletes suffering from shin splints. It’s worn before and after training/activity as it immediately relieves pain by applying pressure points to the muscles of the lower leg. It allows much quicker recovery from shin splints as the usual treatment is simply rest meaning that it can take much longer to recover and activity can be severely curtailed. So wearing a Solushin gets you back much quicker which is what athletes want.

The Solushin also supports the treatment of:

Tibialis Anterior Pain ("anterior shin splints"), Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, 

Sever's Disease and more by reducing tension in the calf and improving the ankle's range of motion.