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KeryFlex™ is a simple application that can restore the appearance of unsightly toenails affected by fungus, dystrophy,
psoriasis and trauma. It transforms an unsightly, disfigured nail, providing an immediate cosmetic improvement.

The patented resin creates a flexible, non-porous nail plate that allows the real nail to grow in a fungal free environment.
The KeryFlex™ artificial nail bonds to any remaining nail tissue and bed to provide an exceptionally realistic looking plate
during concurrent anti-fungal therapies such as oral medications or laser.

Treatment takes around 20 minutes and under normal conditions the KeryFlex™ restored nail will bond to the regrowing nail.

The KeryFlex™ nail is durable and unaffected by acetone, nail polishes or detergents.
Restore patients’ confidence in their appearance while growing your practice with the KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration System.

Your initial purchase of KeryFlex™ is as a kit including the lamp and 10 patient treatment packs. Subsequently you order more packs as required.

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  Patient pack contents                               Before and After